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PROFIT ISLE software and change management capabilities are grounded in the insights and techniques developed by MIT’s Jonathan Byrnes over a thirty-year period. These insights and techniques have been articulated in his award-winning book, Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink, and in his very popular series of monthly columns in Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge website and e-newsletter. We hope these insights help you discover your Islands of Profit.

The Accidental Company

Have you ever wondered why we hiccup? I recently reread a fascinating book, Your Inner Fish, written by Neil Shubin, a professor of anatomy at the University of Chicago. In this very readable book, he describes how we humans carry the very real vestiges of our...

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Precision Forecasting

Have you ever had an experience at a meeting that you will never forget? Here’s one of mine. A few years ago, I was advising a major company in restructuring its supply chain and customer relations. I visited one of the company’s most important suppliers. This...

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Strange Finance Problem: Too Much Accuracy

One of the biggest problems in effective profitability management is the instinctive desire on the part of many CFOs for too much accuracy. How can this be? In my experience, there is good accuracy and bad accuracy. Let me explain. Good Accuracy Accuracy is essential...

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Change Management: Paving the Cowpaths

Change management is one of the most difficult problems facing managers at all levels. All too often, managers focus primarily on defining the best end-state, and deal with the change process almost as an afterthought. If the end-state really is better, the logic...

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Great Summer Reading

Here are four terrific books that you might enjoy this summer. One is an enduring classic of nature writing. Two are great management books that are not technically about management. And the fourth is a very interesting brief overview of the history of mankind. The...

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Unlikely Operations Heroes – Sales Reps

A few weeks ago, I met with the top operations managers of a major multinational consumer products company. These executives were very interested in understanding how to become more innovative. What could they do? What have other companies done? What is the current...

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Channel Mapping for Profit

In my previous blog post, “Customer Intimacy vs. Operations Excellence: Why Not Have Both?”, I explained that leading companies are gaining market share and growing profits by focusing their resources on the customers that are giving them high sustained profitability,...

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