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PROFIT ISLE software and change management capabilities are grounded in the insights and techniques developed by MIT’s Jonathan Byrnes over a thirty-year period. These insights and techniques have been articulated in his award-winning book, Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink, and in his very popular series of monthly columns in Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge website and e-newsletter. We hope these insights help you discover your Islands of Profit.

What’s Wrong With a 95% Service Level?

Customer service level is a core measure of company performance. This measure seems completely obvious: after all, if you increase your line-fill or case-fill from 94% to 96%, your customers will surely be much more satisfied. And satisfied customers will buy more...

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Stumbling on Customer Service

Some of the most useful books for business aren’t about business at all. Recently, I read a terrific book that is extremely readable and very relevant to business, Stumbling on Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert. Gilbert is a professor of psychology at Harvard. This book is...

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Demand Management Disney Style

Many companies simply assume the seemingly obvious proposition that, to put it simply, demand is demand and their responsibility is to gear their operations to meet that demand. Certainly, most managers utilize advertising and specials to create demand and promote...

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The Myth of the Operations Hero

Did you hear about the railroad operations manager who stayed up all night in a snowstorm helping right a derailed boxcar so the train could get through on time? If you were running the railroad, what would you do – (a) recognize him in a major company-wide event; (b)...

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Thanksgiving is a very special holiday. It commemorates the generous spirit of the Wampanoag Native Americans who sustained the starving pilgrims in Plymouth in 1621, and it reminds us of the deep values of family, friendship, and community that underlie our happiness...

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Manage That RFP

The RFP process can be a big source of supplier frustration, or a critical point of competitive leverage. All too often, it is the former, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Over the past few months, I’ve encountered two situations in which customers drafted RFPs...

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