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PROFIT ISLE software and change management capabilities are grounded in the insights and techniques developed by MIT’s Jonathan Byrnes over a thirty-year period. These insights and techniques have been articulated in his award-winning book, Islands of Profit in a Sea of Red Ink, and in his very popular series of monthly columns in Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge website and e-newsletter. We hope these insights help you discover your Islands of Profit.

Why Do Mergers and Reorganizations Fail?

I’ll always remember the immortal words of Murray Smyth, at the time CFO of one of the largest subsidiaries of a major distribution and manufacturing company, “If we haven’t reorganized in the last six months, it’s because someone missed a deadline.” Why do...

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If I Ran My Customer… Part 2

Profits are your reward for meeting customer needs. The questions on the table are: Which customers? And which needs? In my last post, I discussed the first question, which customers? Today, I’ll focus on the second question, which needs? The essential first step to...

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If I Ran My Customer… Part 1

Profits are your reward for meeting customer needs. Sounds obvious, right? But here are two critical questions: Which customers? And which needs? The answers will have a huge impact on your profitability and business success. Today’s post will focus on the first...

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What are Bad Profits?

Yesterday, I had a lengthy conversation with the Vice President of Finance of a major company. He was immersed in the capital budgeting process, and wanted to discuss ways to evaluate investment proposals. Our conversation started with a discussion of the cost of...

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Sustainable Profitability

In yesterday’s commentary, I talked about our economic dilemma, summed up in this quote from Sunday’s NYT: “This seeming contradiction – falling sales and rising profits – is one reason the mood on Wall Street is so much more buoyant than in households, where...

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Who Needs Customers?

The July 25 NYT ran an article, “Industries Find Surging Profits in Deeper Cuts.” The essence was that our economy is in a unique situation: profits are soaring – not because sales are rising, but because costs have been cut to the bone and are staying that way....

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The Early Days of Facebook

This morning, I noticed that the Harvard Crimson website featured a link to the original February 9, 2004 Crimson story reporting the creation of what is now Facebook. Note the quaint headline, “Hundreds Register for New Facebook Website“. Remember, this was 2004 and...

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