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PROFIT ISLE helps you see your business in a new way.

Profit Isle Illusion
Using your current data and our proprietary analytics software, the PROFIT ISLE SOLUTION, we help you see new patterns of profitability your ‘legacy’ system can’t. Discover which customers, products, and services are your most profitable; learn how to make them more profitable; and, find new ways to turn around those that aren’t.
PROFIT ISLE’S highly-secure, analytics solution has a proprietary profit engine that creates a full, all-in P&L with assigned costs to every transaction line. In addition, PROFIT ISLE has a unique pattern-recognition capability that allows you to easily visualize hidden profit opportunities in your business.
Designed by MIT Senior Lecturer Dr. Byrnes and built by MIT-trained engineers, this proprietary solution has been field-tested on over $100 billion of revenue. Many companies claim they can improve profits, but only PROFIT ISLE does it comprehensively. Our solution lets you analyze three critical vectors—customers, products, and sales and operations—as well as the relationship among them. The PROFIT ISLE SOLUTION can provide real-time P&L information on every order, every day via our secure web portal.

Profit Maps

Using pattern-recognition techniques, the PROFIT ISLE SOLUTION will help you identify both your most profitable business and the embedded unprofitability of your business. Profit Maps enable you to easily see the relationship among your customers, products, services, and transactions by profitability.


Focus resources on 17% of your customers to build more profits with those who are your best customers—sell to your strengths.


Focus resources on the 5% of products where you are making 158% of your profits—highest leverage.

Sales & Operations

Focus resources on the 15% of sales & operations where you are making 93% of your profits—pounds per square-inch.

Put the power of the PROFIT ISLE SOLUTION and profitability management process to work for you and see your business in a new way.

Increase your profits 10-30% with the Profit Isle Solution

Segmenting Yields Higher Profits

Penetrating diagnostics segment your customers, products, and vendors by profitability.

Identify Every Opportunity

PROFIT ISLE’S proprietary analytics software creates a P&L for every transaction.

Get Real Time P&L

Real-time profit reporting informs day-to-day decisions for key executives and managers.

Identify The Greatest Profit Potential

Profit mapping identifies the greatest profit and profit potential for all aspects of your business.

Focus On Your Strengths

PROFIT ISLE enables you to maximize your value proposition and grow your business.

Find Your Islands Of Profit Now

30-40% of Your Business Is Unprofitable By Any Measure

“Jonathan Byrnes delivers great news for managers: There is plenty of profit hidden in your company — if you know where to find it.”

— Sean Silverthorne, Editor of HBS Working Knowledge

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