Just as your business and industry are changing, so should the tools you use to drive profit growth. We recognize that need. That’s why we created PROFIT ISLE—a systematic process for analyzing profitability. Below is a look at our history.

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Profit Isle History


Invents Precursor to Profit Isle

Jonathan ByrnesDr. Jonathan Byrnes invents vendor-managed inventory, flow-through supply chains (cross-docking), inventory echelon systems, and transactional profitability analytics (origin of PROFIT ISLE).
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First Profitability Projects

First projects produced using transactional profitability analytics. Clients include Baxter’s Hospital Supply Business, Scientific Products, and NYNEX.
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MIT: Teaching Profitability Analytics

MIT LogoProfitability management analytics integrated into Dr. Byrnes MIT courses; presented to faculty, affiliates, and alumni; and presented to Northwestern, Harvard, and other major universities.
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Profitability Management Blog

Dr. Byrnes starts blog on profitability management, which eventually becomes Islands of Profit In A Sea of Red Ink.
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Prototype Development Continues

Continued development of profitability analytics Microsoft-based prototype as well as strong client acceptance — over $15 billion in revenues analyzed.
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Harvard Business School

Harvard Business SchoolInvited by Harvard Business School to write a monthly column for HBS Working Knowledge, Dr. Byrnes contributes more than 50 columns on profitability management. Published by HBS, they were syndicated to major websites and publications worldwide.
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Industry Revenues Analyzed

Profit Isle Industries
$30 billion in client revenues analyzed, both new and existing relationships. Industries include retail, distribution, manufacturing, transportation/supply chain, and financial services.
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Book Published

Islands Of Profit In A Sea Of Red InkIslands of Profit In A Sea of Red Ink published (2010) and named as a book of the year by Inc. Magazine.

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Company Is Formed

Profit IslePROFIT ISLE is formed. The company is created to commercialize the concepts in the book.

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Profit Isle CEO Named

John Wass John Wass, former Staples executive is named CEO. PROFIT ISLE begins to build a world-class team.

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World-Class Cloud-Based Solution

PROFIT ISLE creates a big data analytics engine with artificial intelligence capabilities on a scaleable cloud platform.

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Achieving Profitable Growth

Client revenues analyzed approaching $100 billion with acceptance across a range of industries worldwide. Companies secure 10-30% profit improvement in the first 12-18 months with sustained profit increases thereafter.

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Named to MIT’s STEX 25

Named to MIT’s prestigious STEX 25 list of premier MIT-related spinoff start-ups (out of over 1900 start-ups): as MIT stated, “STEX25 startups exhibit the high-caliber talent and cutting-edge technology that are hallmarks of MIT.”

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