Is your company trapped by its history? Surprisingly, most companies are shaped by their history much more than they are structured to respond to today or tomorrow’s opportunities and challenges. This problem is so strong and pervasive that no one even notices it. Yet it shapes virtually every aspect of a company’s structure and its managers’ behavior.

Profit mapping enables you to penetrate through the tacit but ubiquitous iron grip of your company’s history to identify the really critical opportunities and risks that will determine your success or failure today and in the future. This is the secret to zero-based budgeting.

This podcast sheds light on this enormously important management problem, and explains how profit mapping enables real zero-based budgeting that can allow managers to turn their companies’ history from a sea anchor into a powerful source of competitive advantage.

PROFIT ISLE is a trusted partner to large private and public businesses around the world.  We’ll help you see your business in a new way. If you would like the full audio transcript for this recording, click here.

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